Sunday, October 24, 2010

Abraham Lincoln, 1862

This week's New Yorker has a short review by Peter Schjeldahl of a show at the Guggenheim that focuses on early 20th century Classicism, politics and beauty in art. You can download it here.

Last Thursday we talked about some of the ways power has influenced art and architecture in relation to ideals of beauty. Defining beauty and its role in art was complicated. Ideals of beauty seem to be dynamic, shifting through time. Can you think of any specific formal or material properties that you relate to either beauty or power (or both)? 


  1. For me personally, I feel like diamonds give me the sense of beauty and power at the same time. Sculpture made of marble like Michael Angelo's David also show beauty and power. Diamonds and marble are both material properties that are considerably strong and expensive, hence could show power. in terms of beauty, I think both of them looks pleasing in the eye judging by the forms, shapes, and purposes..

  2. through the eyes of gender construction and as perpetuated through the media and mass culture, i have to come to regard a womens sexuality to be regarded as powerfull and beautiful